But where has all the Tom Gone?


You may, dear reader, if you’ve been very attentive, have noticed a some unfamiliar noises about these environs of late. a creaking of shutter, a snuffling of a rodent’s snout, a whirring of the washing machine from Pornokitsch upstairs. Sounds you never would have picked up on were it not for the the total, all consuming silence that has gathered about this parish.

Fear not however! For I have not been idle in the (oh dear lord) Month and a half since I last posted, I’ve just been muddying the waters in various other corners of the internet, where kind (and somewhat unwary) souls have given me time on their blogs:

Over at The Qwillery, I ran down 3 books you never knew were urban fantasy, but according to my pants-on-my-head deranged rantings are.

At Parajunkee’s view, I exposed my inner alcoholic by explaining that genres are, essentially, just like booze.

TheĀ marvelousĀ folk at All Things Urban Fantasy gave me their blog and let me rabbit on about monsters.

And the brilliant Booksmugglers had me in to chat about the link between cities and myth

Oh, and I launched a book.

More soon, including a Fantasycon appearance and a Ustream chat with peeps in the US.

Later on



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