Istream, Ustream, We all scream for…

Americans! And Canadians!

Next week I shall be bringing my enormous face to your shores by the miracle of modern digital communication!

Flux, my dearly beloved publishers are hosting me on a live Ustream chat at  on Wednesday 12th September at 3pm-4pm CDT (which I think os 4pm-5pm if you’re on the East Coast, and lunchtime on the West Coast).

Basically, the deal is this:

You log into this Ustream page, go to the chat window, and fire cunning and pointed questions at me.

broadcast my massive British mug over the internet for an hour,  talk a bit about The City’s Son and the other Skyscraper Throne books and do my best to answer them.

Flux are even hosting a give away at the same time, so if you join us you could win a copy of The City’s Son for your very own. As modelled here by my lovely assistant, The Internet:


If you can’t join us – perhaps you have a hot date, or are battling ninjas or are the President of the USA and are  just too busy at this point in the election cycle *sigh* excuses  – but you still have questions  – fear not, either drop your question in the comments here, or fire them at me on Twitter @tomhpollock before the event. I’ll answer them on the day, and you can watch the video later on from the comfort of your own sofa/oval office/pile of bloodied ninja corpses.

Anyway, hope you all can make it. Do sign up on Facebook if you can, and I’ll catch you next week.







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