Eventing! (no, not the kind with Horses)

A bit short notice on this one – I’ve been manic finishing off The Glass Republic and have been, as our Gallic cousins would say le rubbish at posting about it, but…

I am really¬†excited that I’m going to be at Foyles tomorrow at 6pm with the elegant Mark Charan Newton (author of The Legends of The Red Sun Series) and the enigmatic Kate Griffin (author of the Matthew Swift books and about a bajillion others under her real name) to talk about Fantasy and cities, a topic which is, as you know, near and dear to my heart.

It’s free! But you need a ticket, and you can get it here:


In addition to their elegance and enigmatism, Mark and Kate are both exceedingly eloquent, so it should be awesome. We might even get time to talk about Calvino’s INVISIBLE CITIES which is pretty much the most awesome book on narrative and the urban ¬†ever.




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