Something Wicked This Way Comes….


Friends, Londonauts, Monsterists,

I have news.

The Skyscraper Throne comes to an end this year, when Our Lady of The Streets hits the shelves. And this my friends, is where shit gets heavy. Streets run 1000 degree fevers, sewer dragons battle attack helicopters, and last ditch alliances are forged as Beth and Pen make their last stand.

You might not be able to tell from my laconic internet demeanour (OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD), but I’m quite excited.

So, to get everybody ready for the main event, my esteemed publisher Jo Fletcher Books is doing something very cool.

THE DEETS: Four chapters a week, every week, they’re hosting a reread of the ENTIRE series up to this point, that’s both The City’s Son and the The Glass Republic, with a recap and discussion on Thursdays, starting on 6th of Feb.

At the end of each section, I’ll host here, pass around the virtual hob nobs, and witter a bit about what on earth I was on when I wrote that scene.

Fancy joining the chat? Amazing. Got some burning thoughts on London, or Urban Fantasy? Pull up a virtual chair, crack your knuckles and join in the comments, we’d love to have you. (There’s a prize each week for our favourite comment)

Want to take the chat to twitter? All good, just check out #skyscraperthronereread.

Are you a blogger? Even better. Fancy hosting a week on your own blog, and sharing your own thoughts? Well clearly you are the Sultan of Awesomehood, and it is here ordained that you shall drop a comment here, and we’ll make it happen.

Quick, not wholly cynically mercenary reminderThe City’s Son is only 87p on kindle in the UK right now, so if you want to join in, now is a good cheap time to do it.

Obligatory, but true schmaltzy bit: Stories don’t happen without readers. The ink and paper bit I do is just the blueprint, you’re the ones that build the pylon spiders and crane-fingered demolition gods in your minds. It’s been completely amazing making this happen with you guys and I can’t wait for you to get stuck into the last piece of the puzzle.



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