Reading and Writing…

Just had an interesting little chat with Kate Elliott and Kameron Hurley on twitter, the practical upshot of which is that I’m going to blog a bit more about how I wrote my books, and what I think they’re actually saying.

I’ve always been a bit reticent about doing that, mostly because of the following convictions: (a) writers write. (b) readers read. (c) the deconstruction and analysis of stories is fundamentally an act of reading rather than writing.

Now obviously most people online take up both roles at different times and in different contexts, but the fact remains – just because I wrote The Skyscraper Throne novels doesn’t give me any particular advantage in reading them.

What I’m coming around to is the belief that it doesn’t give me a disadvantage either. I’ve burned a lot of daylight and lost a lot of sleep in these books, that gives me a specific perspective, not a better or more right one than any other reader, but different to most. And the discussion with Kameron and Kate persuaded me that it’s a perspective people might find more interesting that I’d previously allowed.

So there’ll be a few more posts, here and other places, dedicated to my reading of Beth and Pen’s adventures, as well as the writing of them. Dissent, as ever, is more than welcome.

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