On the road

In August 2014 I’m going to be around and about the place to read, be interviewed pop up on panels and convention dancefloors and generally shill myself like a £5.99 miracle diet pill.

Places like:

7 August 6pm- The Official OUR LADY OF THE STREETS Launch Party, Forbidden Planet, London.

*GASP* at the quality of the homemade brownies, *MARVEL* at the adventures of Elizabeth Bradley and Parva Khan, spilling from my very lips. *TOLERATE* my nerve-induced attempts are making you laugh.

RSVP here if you’re a Facebook kind of person. We’ll be heading to the Pillars of Hercules in Soho for drinks, chatter and collapsing.  from about 7.30 if you can’t make the signing.

9-10 August – 9 Worlds Convention, Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow

Seriously guys, I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a blast this was last year. And this year, Nick Harkaway, Sarah Lotz, Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear will be there. Come geek out with us!

12 August, 6pm – Fantasy In The Court, Goldsboro books, London 

Come hand out with me and a shitload of excellent fantasy authors including Joe Abercrombie, Lauren Beukes, Ben Aaronnovitch at one of the best indie bookshops in London. You’ll need a ticket, but you can get one here

17 – 20 August – Worldcon 2014, Excel Centre, London

This is the daddy. I’d list the amazing people who are coming, but I’d still be here typing when next year’s convention comes around. If you aren’t already coming, do. And if you are coming, say hi!

I’ll also be at Fantasycon in September and Bristolcon in October, and I’ll update this page about those nearer the time. I’ll post the panels and programming I’m up to when I’ve got the details.



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