The Glass Republic

Pen Khan’s life revolves around secrets: the secrets of her three month disappearance from school last winter, and the cause of the scars that mar her cheeks, and most secret of all, her twin sister Parva: her doppelganger in London-Under-Glass, the city behind the mirrors.

Pen’s trying to return to a normal life, but when Parva vanishes, Pen journeys to London-Under-Glass to find her reflected sister, entering a world where scars make you beautiful and criminals will kill you for your face. A world where Pen’s sister has secrets of her own.

You can get one from Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles or wherever you like, really.

9 thoughts on “The Glass Republic

  1. I’ve just reread the City’s Son, and loved it even more the second time round! The Glass Republic can’t come out soon enough – bring on July!

  2. Was intrigued by the cover, read the synopsis and found out it was urban fantasy, squealed and went off to find the first book. Devoured that and this in three days. I think I am in love. When will Our Lady of the Streets be out?? That was a cruel cliffhanger…

  3. Well, drat. I was all excited to see the launch of Our Lady of the Streets… only to find that an ebook version of The Glass Republic is still not available in the US. 🙁

    Any news on when we might be able to expect either ebook on this side of the pond?

  4. i love simplicity and able to get arround the corners when reading novels .tom you have that and ,thats good regards thomas pollock in ireland im in ireland but my father came from lasmahago ,nr glasgow scotland but i love ireland

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